Anna Swanepoel

Born in South Africa 1961,November 19. Raised on a farm in Kwazulu Natal Province with 4 other siblings. Loved Nature ,Music and Art since childhood. Graduated High school 1986 and Studied Fine Arts & Design and Music. Married 1987 to Farmer:Gerrit and raised 3 children on farm in Bloodriver District KZN. Immigrated to Canada 2008. Established Art@Aswan Healing Art Studio in High River and Became Mobile Art Instructor since 2013. Graduated Clinical Mental Health Counselling and continued studies in Art Therapy with Dr Cathy Malchiodi to current. Practice current as Trauma Informed Clinical Counsellor that uses Art as Healing Medium.

Author of :
Adventure Art Journaling 2019
Self Help Art Therapy 2020
Intuitive Watercolors 2021

Website: Visit Aswanart
Telephone: 1(403) 336 0371