Mason Dodds

Mason Dodds started Glacier Valley Photography Inc. in 1981 while posted with the RCMP in Stewart, British Columbia. Nestled at the end of the Portland Canal the numerous glaciers and valleys of the Coast Mountains at the south tip of the Alaskan Pan Handle were an inspiration to take a mild interest in photography to the next level. The next 20 years were spent in numerous communities of Northern British Columbia where Mason's photographic skills improved, acquisition of photographic equipment grew, as did the passion for the art of photography. After 35 years the spurs were hung up and a residential based photography studio was opened up in Vulcan, Alberta. Along with traditional landscape and portrait photography, a very different style has been worked on that Mason calls "Touched by Rembrandt".
Mason is also affiliated with the Professional Photographers of Canada and the Alberta Professional Photographers Association.

Mason's Spring Display


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