The Story of Trekzi© TM

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Trekzi is the friendly little alien who sparks joy in people’s hearts everywhere around the world and especially in the communities of Vulcan County, Alberta. Trekzi likes to visit earth and make new friends. He is joyful and curious and always popping up where you least expect him. Using his special powers, Trekzi likes to help people – but sometimes he doesn’t always get it right, which makes him so likeable. As a visitor from outer space, Trekzi soon finds himself on many marvelous adventures here on earth. He has now made the Town of Vulcan his new homeaway-from-home because it was branded Canada’s official STAR TREK Capital. Vulcan hosts many popular big events throughout the year and you can learn more about them in the Vulcan County Community Calendar or on their website: Whenever you’re in Vulcan, be sure to be on the look out for Trekzi. You’ll never know when or where this friendly little alien will pop up next and make you smile!

Trekzi Colouring Book(available at Healy Heritage Art Center)

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  • Contact Us

    Vulcan Arts Studio is located in the Healy Heritage Center at 216 Center Street, Vulcan, Alberta TOL 2B0

    Telephone: 403-486-0205

    See map below